🚨Real Crime Story Caught on Dash Cam🚨

Buckle up and brace yourself for a real-life crime story caught on a dash cam! This gripping true tale will take you on a wild ride and keep you on the edge of your seat. From the initial encounter to the heart-pumping chase, every detail captured by the dash cam is a crucial piece of evidence that leads to an unforgettable conclusion. Get ready for a thrilling journey as we delve into this shocking real crime story.

Real Crime Story Caught on Dash Cam


Criminals always find new ways to perform their actions, but there is always some device or technology that can help us catch them. One of those technologies is the dashboard camera, also known as a dashcam. Dashcam footage captures every moment that happens when you are driving, and sometimes it might capture stories that you didn’t expect. In this article, we will be discussing a real crime story that was caught on a dashcam.

The Crime Story

A dash cam can be used for a number of reasons, including for safety and security purposes. You’ll never know when you might, unfortunately, become a victim of crime. However, a dashcam can also provide valuable evidence when it comes to finding the offenders.

One night, a driver had just picked up a passenger and started to proceed to their destination when suddenly they noticed car headlights flashing very fast from behind. A few seconds later, the car was overtaken and dangerously stopped right in front of their car. Two men jumped out of that vehicle, their faces covered with masks, and started attacking the passenger on board. They were trying to breed the lock to the car but panicked and ran away when they saw that the dashcam was recording them.

Luckily, the dashcam was rolling and captured every moment – the altercation, the attack, and the faces of the attackers. They were later arrested, charged and found guilty of burglary, vandalism and kidnapping offences. This real-life story depicts how a dashcam can not only protect you from accidents but can provide valuable footage to police if you ever encounter a criminal scenario.

Available Brands and Offers

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Contact Numbers

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A dashcam can sometimes prove to be the most valuable investment you make for your car. It provides a clear view of traffic accidents and real crime stories, while also being useful for general safety and security. You never know when you might need evidence, and a dashcam ensures that you always have it. Don’t let these criminal moments take away your peace of mind while driving. Buy a dashcam today and keep yourself safe.


  1. Are dashcams legal to use?
    Yes, dashcams are legal to use in most regions.

  2. Can a dashcam be used as evidence?
    Absolutely, dashcam footage can serve as valuable evidence in court.

  3. What kind of dashcam is best for my vehicle?
    There are many great dashcam brands and models available. You can choose the one that suits your needs best, depending on features and price.

  4. Can I install a dashcam myself?
    Of course, but professional installation is highly recommended to ensure a seamless operation and appearance.

  5. Where can I find professional dashcam installation services?
    BlackboxMyCar offers professional installation services located in Richmond, BC.

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