Aukey DR02D Dual Dash Cam Review – Heat Resistant Camera with Good 2-Year Warranty Service

The Aukey DR02D was tested after our roundup on budget front-back dash cams. While it was a former recommendation with the amazing Viofo A129 DUO being released this camera has fallen off our list of top picks.

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UPDATE: Feb 15, 2019
The Viofo A129 DUO is now our top budget dual channel camera. It replaces and significantly improves upon the Aukey DR02D. Watch our review here:

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• Our article where we compare different dual channel cameras. We are adding new information tomorrow.

• Our SD Card Recommendations:

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Update Jan 15, 2019. The Viofo A129 is now our top choice and replaces the Aukey DR02D. See the review here: You can also see the camera on Amazon:

Aukey DR02D:
Only the version sold on Amazon will give you a two-year warranty and Aukey’s customer service. Otherwise, Aukey says you will deal with the retailer you purchased it from.

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