Comment your next question below & get a video response from us!

Are you looking for a more personalized way to get your questions answered? Look no further! We’re excited to offer a new feature where you can leave your question in the comments section below and receive a video response directly from us. No more searching through pages of text to find the answer you need. So go ahead, leave your comment and let us help you out with a response tailored just for you!

Comment your next question below & get a video response from us!


As technology continues to advance, there has been a significant shift in the way people use dash cameras. From being just a basic tool to capture events on the road, dash cameras have evolved to be a full-fledged security system for your vehicle. However, with so many options available in the market and constant upgrades, there is an increasing need for knowledge and information on dash cameras and their features.

At BlackboxMyCar, we understand this need and are always looking for ways to make our customers feel connected with us. We are excited to introduce a new feature that will help you get an instant response to your queries. Regardless of your experience, expertise, or industry, we believe that every question is important. Therefore, we have made it easy for you to ask your questions and not have to wait for a response.

How do you get a video response?

Simply comment your next question below, and one of our support agents will respond to you with a personalized video. Not a pre-recorded response, but an actual video where we discuss and answer your question. Get your questions answered within minutes.

Benefits of Getting a Video Response

Here are some benefits of getting a video response:

  • Personalized communication: A video response gives you a more personalized feel in comparison to a text-based response. You can see and hear the person responding to your question, which adds a human touch to the conversation.

  • Quick turnaround: Unlike email or chat, where you have to wait for a response, a video response is instant. You don’t have to wait for hours or even days to get a response.

  • Detailed explanation: A video response allows you to have a more in-depth and detailed understanding of your question. It helps to reduce any confusion or misinterpretations that might arise in written communication.

Additional Discounts and Benefits

At BlackboxMyCar we always strive to provide our customers with the best possible customer experience. To sweeten the deal, we have additional discounts available for you.

  • 5% Discount: Get a 5% discount by using the code ‘BBMCGRAM’ on the official website.

  • 15% Discount on Professional Installation: Avail of 15% off on professional installation by messaging our team.

Contact Details

Contacting our support team has never been easier. We are always available to provide you with instant support for any questions or queries.

  • Phone: Call us directly at 1-888-978-6560 for immediate assistance

  • SMS: Text us at 1-778-779-1423 for any questions or to place an order.

  • WhatsApp: Add us on WhatsApp by clicking here

Compatibility with Thinkware

If you are looking to use LTE connectivity with your Thinkware cameras, it is important to note that Thinkware cameras are not compatible with the cm100 LTE module. A Blackview-specific LTE module is required.

Upcoming Models

We are excited to announce that there will be new models of Thinkware cameras that will be launched soon, including the U3000. We expect these new models to offer cloud-based connection and similar compatibility features for easy use.


At BlackboxMyCar, we always aim to provide our customers with the best possible experience. With our new feature of getting video responses to your queries, we are sure to keep you connected with us. With discounts available on our official website and on our professional installation, we offer you the best value for your money. Don’t wait, comment your next question below and get an instant video response from one of our support agents.


  1. What is the benefit of getting a video response?

    • A video response gives you a more personalized feel with quicker turnaround and a detailed explanation.
  2. How can I avail the 5% discount?

    • Use the code ‘BBMCGRAM’ on our official website to avail of the 5% discount.
  3. How can I get the 15% discount on professional installation?

    • Message our team to avail of the 15% discount on professional installation.
  4. What are the contact details to reach your support team?

    • You can call us directly at 1-888-978-6560, text us at 1-778-779-1423, or add us on WhatsApp by clicking here.
  5. Are Thinkware cameras compatible with the cm100 LTE module for LTE connectivity?

    • No, Thinkware cameras require a Blackview-specific LTE module for LTE connectivity.