January 2023 | Dash Cam Clips of the Month | BlackboxMyCar

Welcome to our monthly compilation of the best dash cam clips. In this edition, we bring you the most notable footage captured by our community of BlackboxMyCar users during the month of January 2023. Our carefully curated selection showcases the versatility and reliability of our dash cam models, which have captured some incredible moments on the road. Get ready to witness some heart-stopping close calls, mesmerizing landscapes, and unexpected encounters, all caught on camera. Join us on this journey and discover why having a dash cam is more than just a safety measure.

January 2023 | Dash Cam Clips of the Month | BlackboxMyCar


BlackboxMyCar is excited to showcase their latest collection of dash cam clips submitted by their customers for the month of January 2023. The company is proud to present some of the most impressive footage captured by their top-rated dash cams currently available in the market. In addition to the showcased footage, BlackboxMyCar is also promoting their latest offerings, including their dash cam and installation kit, product recommendation quiz, beginner’s guide to dash cams, and partnerships with CYA Insurance.

Dash Cam Clips of the Month

BlackboxMyCar’s goal is to provide customers with reliable and effective devices to record their journeys. With their dash cams, drivers can capture what unfolds on the road, from accidents to the unexpected, making their travels safer and secure. Here are some of the dash cam clips of the month:

  1. Terrifying Footage of a Near-Miss Accident: One of BlackboxMyCar’s customers caught on camera a heart-stopping clip of a car suddenly changing lanes and almost crashing into them. This powerful footage serves as a reminder to drive defensively and maintain constant awareness of surroundings.

  2. Funny Footage of a Curious Cat: Another submission shows a curious cat approaching the car, which gently taps the camera lens with its paw. It’s a light-hearted moment that showcases the diverse range of footage dash cams can capture.

  3. Impressive Footage of a Meteor Shower: During a night drive, one driver recorded a breathtaking meteor shower. Thanks to BlackboxMyCar’s high-quality dash cams, this driver was able to capture this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

$20 Gift Card to Feature Your Footage

In addition to showcasing their customers’ best clips, BlackboxMyCar is also offering a $20 gift card to anyone who submits their footage to be featured on their social media channels. So not only can customers capture their journeys, but they can also share their experiences with the world and be rewarded for it.

BlackboxMyCar Products & Resources

To provide their customers with the best experience, BlackboxMyCar offers a range of products and resources that cater to different needs.

  1. Dash Cams and Installation Kits: BlackboxMyCar offers a wide range of dash cams and installation kits that are easy to use and operate. Their products come with intuitive features and advanced technology, making them a popular choice among drivers.

  2. Product Recommendation Quiz: To help drivers select the best dash cam for their needs, BlackboxMyCar offers a product recommendation quiz that takes only two minutes to complete. This simple quiz assesses the driver’s needs and preferences, offering tailored recommendations based on the quiz data.

  3. Beginner’s Guide to Dash Cams: For new dash cam users, BlackboxMyCar’s website provides a beginner’s guide that covers everything drivers need to know, from how to install and operate dash cams to how to retrieve footage.

  4. 3-Month Free Extended Warranty via CYA Insurance: BlackboxMyCar has partnered with CYA Insurance to offer their customers a 3-month free extended warranty on their dash cams. This warranty includes accident coverage, giving drivers additional protection and peace of mind.


BlackboxMyCar continues to offer innovative and top-of-the-line dash cams, providing more than just a product but also advanced services and resources aimed at enhancing drivers’ safety and security on the road. With the introduction of the $20 gift card and their latest products and services, BlackboxMyCar is dedicated to ensuring their customers’ needs and preferences are met.


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