Kids smash car at parking lot 🫣Submission by Quincy from the US

Dear readers, It’s a common scenario for parents to have their kids on board while running errands, and parking lots can be a place of great chaos. Unfortunately, accidents can happen, and in some cases, they may lead to some serious damages. In today’s blog post, we’re going to talk about a recent incident that occurred in a parking lot involving kids and a car. Our submission for this interesting and thought-provoking topic comes from Quincy, one of our readers from the US. Let’s dive in and explore what happened and how we can avoid similar incidents in the future.

Kids Smash Car at Parking Lot: How Dashcams Can Save You When You’re Not Around


The internet was abuzz with a video of kids smashing a car in a parking lot. The CCTV footage was posted online by BlackboxMyCar, a renowned dashcam seller and installer based in Canada. The video showed a group of kids seemingly playing around a parked car before one of them smashed the windshield with a large rock. The others joined in, smashing the side mirrors, headlights, and windshields. The car’s owner was nowhere in sight, and it was only thanks to the dashcam footage that the culprits were caught. The video highlights how important it is for car owners to invest in dashcams to protect their cars from vandalism and other forms of crime. In this article, we will discuss how dashcams can save you when you’re not around.

The Benefits of Having a Dashcam

1. Protection against Vandalism and Theft

As shown in the video, having a dashcam installed can help protect your car from vandalism and theft. Even though the car owner was not around when the incident happened, the footage captured by the dashcam helped authorities to identify and arrest the culprits. With a dashcam installed, the footage can be used as evidence in court, making it easier to prosecute the perpetrators.

2. Evidence for Insurance Claims

Dashcams can also provide critical evidence in the event of an accident or collision. The footage can prove who was at fault, making it easier to file insurance claims. In many cases, insurance companies will accept dashcam footage as evidence when processing claims.

3. Peace of Mind

Having a dashcam installed can give car owners peace of mind. They can be assured that their cars are being monitored even when they’re not around. This can help them relax and focus on their daily routine, without the added worry of their car being vandalized or stolen.

The Best Dashcams to Invest In

There are several dashcam brands available in the market, each varying in features and pricing. Here are some of the best brands that you can invest in:

  • Thinkware
  • Viofo
  • Blackvue
  • Finevu
  • Nextbase
  • Nexar

How to Get Your Dashcam Installed

If you’re interested in getting a dashcam installed, BlackboxMyCar can help. They are based in Richmond, BC, and have a team of professional installers who can help you get your dashcam up and running in no time. And as mentioned in their message, mention the code ‘BBMCGRAM’ at checkout to avail of a 5% discount on their official website. Additionally, they also offer a 15% discount on their next professional installation in Richmond, BC.


Investing in a dashcam can help protect your car and provide you with peace of mind. With the increasing prevalence of car vandalism, theft, and accidents, having a dashcam installed can make all the difference. The video of kids smashing a car in a parking lot is a wake-up call for all car owners to take their car’s security seriously. So, if you haven’t already, it’s time to consider investing in a dashcam.

FAQs After The Conclusion

  1. How long do dashcams record for?
  • Most dashcams record in loops, with footage overwritten when the storage capacity is reached. The recording length depends on the size of the storage card and the dashcam’s settings.
  1. Do dashcams only record when the car is moving?
  • No, dashcams can be set to record even when the car is parked. Some models have motion detection sensors that activate the camera when there is movement around the car.
  1. Can dashcam footage be used as evidence in court?
  • Yes, dashcam footage can be used as evidence in court as long as it can be proven that it has not been tampered with.
  1. Who can install a dashcam?
  • Dashcams can be installed by professionals or by car owners themselves. However, professional installation is recommended for a neat and efficient installation.
  1. Do dashcams only record video?
  • No, dashcams can also record audio and GPS data. Some models also have added features like lane departure warnings and collision detection alerts.

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