Main Announcements from SEMA 2022

The SEMA 2022 event has just concluded, and the automotive industry has been buzzing with excitement over the latest announcements. From cutting-edge technology to innovative designs, this year’s show was packed with exciting reveals and updates that are set to shape the industry in the coming months. If you’re looking for the latest and greatest in automotive innovation, then you won’t want to miss our rundown of the main announcements from SEMA 2022. Get ready to dive into the world of fast cars, sleek designs, and groundbreaking technology!

Main Announcements from SEMA 2022


The SEMA Show is the world’s largest automotive trade show and features the latest technologies and products from the industry’s leading companies. This year, we’ve seen exciting announcements and updates from the biggest radar detector and dashcam companies. Here’s a summary of the most important updates and the current state of the market.


Escort, a well-known radar detector company, has announced a new product lineup for 2022. New releases include the Redline 360c and the MAX 3, two top-of-the-line radar detectors with cutting-edge technology. Escort has also made improvements to its Live app, which notifies drivers about upcoming speed traps and red light cameras.


Cobra has also launched a new radar detector lineup with unique features. Their newest product, the RAD 480i, offers superior detection range and advanced anti-falsing technology.


Uniden, a trusted brand in the radar detector industry, has recently announced the new R7 Extreme Long-Range Radar Detector. This detector has improved sensitivity and filtering, making it one of the most accurate in the market.


In the dashcam industry, Nextbase has released the 622GW, a premium dash camera that offers 4K video recording and a variety of safety features such as emergency SOS calling and Alexa integration.


Thinkware has released the impressive U1000 4K Dashcam, which captures excellent footage in low-light conditions with its superior night vision technology. It also offers advanced safety features such as lane departure warnings and forward collision warnings.

Review of the Best Radar Detectors, Laser Jammers, and Dash Cameras

Vortex Radar, a prominent reviewer and influencer in the radar detector and dashcam industry, recently conducted multiple tests on the latest releases from Escort, Cobra, Uniden, Nextbase, and Thinkware. They have selected the following products as the best in their respective categories:

  • Escort Redline 360c: Best Long-Range Radar Detector
  • Cobra RAD 480i: Best Radar Detector for the Money
  • Uniden R7: Best Extreme Long-Range Radar Detector
  • Nextbase 622GW: Best High-End Dash Cam
  • Thinkware U1000: Best night vision dash cam

Vortex Radar’s Equipment

Vortex Radar has also tested their own equipment, including the ALP laser jammer and the Cobra Road Scout dash cam. They have also released a review of the Cellink NEO battery pack, which provides extended battery life for dash cams.

Disclaimer and Affiliates

It’s important to note that links in Vortex Radar’s videos are typically affiliate links, and they may receive a percentage of the purchase price when you make a purchase. However, Vortex Radar aims to provide objective and unbiased opinions so their viewers can make an educated decision.


The radar detector and dashcam market has had exciting announcements and releases at SEMA 2022. Major companies like Escort, Cobra, Uniden, Nextbase, and Thinkware are pushing the boundaries of technology and offering superior detection and recording capabilities. It’s important to do in-depth research and investigation before making any purchasing decisions to ensure that you get the best product for your needs.


  1. Is Vortex Radar an independent reviewer?
  • Yes, Vortex Radar is an independent reviewer and provides unbiased opinions on radar detectors and dashcams.
  1. Does Vortex Radar receive payments for their reviews?
  • Vortex Radar may receive a percentage of the purchase price through affiliate links, but they aim to provide objective and unbiased reviews.
  1. What is the best long-range radar detector?
  • According to Vortex Radar, the Escort Redline 360c is the best long-range radar detector in the market right now.
  1. Which dash cam offers the best night vision technology?
  • Vortex Radar recommends the Thinkware U1000 for its superior night vision technology in low-light conditions.
  1. Can I trust the products recommended by Vortex Radar?
  • Vortex Radar conducts extensive tests and provides detailed reviews to ensure their viewers make informed decisions. However, it’s important to research and investigate further to make the best decision for your specific needs.

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