New Uniden R1 & R3 Features in Firmware 1.59

Uniden R1 and R3 radar detectors have been widely popular among drivers for a while. Now, Uniden has released a new firmware update, version 1.59, bringing in some exciting new features. In this blog post, we will take a detailed look at what’s new in Uniden R1 and R3 detectors’ firmware version 1.59. From new K-Filtering options to improved BSM filtering, we will cover all the latest features in depth to help you decide whether it’s time to upgrade your detector or not. So, let’s dive into the world of Uniden R1 and R3 firmware 1.59 features.

New Uniden R1 & R3 Features in Firmware 1.59


Radar detectors are essential for every car enthusiast who loves to make the most out of their rides without attracting the attention of the traffic enforcers. Uniden Radar Detectors are a household name in the car radar detector space, and their latest R1 and R3 models have been making waves in the industry. Now they have released a new firmware update 1.59 that adds some incredible features to their already reliable products.

Here we have a detailed rundown of the latest features in the Uniden R1 and R3 firmware update 1.59, so let’s dive right in.

K Block

The K Block feature is a valuable addition in the firmware update 1.59, especially for drivers who live in urban areas. The K-block feature detects and blocks K-Band detection signals emitting from automated grocery store doors, including those in large retail spaces like Walmart and Target.

K Band Reactivity

The K-Band Reactivity feature ensures you get an advanced warning for stationary K-Band speed traps while simultaneously reducing the false alert rate from sources like door openers and other K-Band emitting sources.


Radar detectors provide drivers with much-needed protection against speed traps and red light cameras, but sometimes, there are unique situations your device can’t pick up. The Multi-Radar Detection (MRCD) feature adds protection against the blindside emerging threats, especially smaller speed cameras that some radar detectors can’t pick up, such as the DragonEye Technology ENFORCER II.

Ka Bogey Tone

If you’re a speeder, then you know the importance of knowing when you’re approaching a different source of radar. The Ka-Band Bogey tone update introduces a new feature that provides modulation of the alert tone so that drivers can easily differentiate between repeated and multiple radar sources.

Speed Cam/POI alerts

Speed Camera warnings are vital to keeping drivers safe on the road. The POI (point of interest) feature was included as an add-on, providing the user with the ability to download GPS locations of speed cameras and other important points of interest.


The Uniden R1 and R3 firmware Update 1.59 Changelog specifies this Firmware update is designed to support, enhance and extend the user experience. It’s designed with seven improvements which includes better detection, fewer false alerts and increased accuracy for speed trap alerts.

Subscription to Vortex Radar Channel

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Where can you purchase R3 and R1?

Both models are available for purchase from Amazon, where buyers can take advantage of fast delivery and unmatched customer service.

Firmware updates can be downloaded for R3 and R1.

Owners of both devices can download the firmware directly from Uniden’s website, which also details the changes made, new features added, and any enhancements to existing features of the devices.

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Uniden’s R1 and R3 radar detectors are the most well-regarded models in the industry, and with the recent firmware update 1.59, it’s safe to say those accolades are deserved. With the new features added in the firmware update, these models stay ahead of the curve, providing drivers with unparalleled protection against speed traps, speed cameras, and other hazards on the road.


  1. Can the new firmware features be added to old versions of R1 and R3 models?
  • Yes, the new firmware updates can be added to existing R1 and R3 models without any extra charges.
  1. Is it easy to install the new firmware updates?
  • Yes, it’s an effortless process to install the new firmware onto your device. Just follow the instructions provided by Uniden.
  1. How long can we expect Uniden to provide firmware updates for their R1 and R3 models?
  • Uniden provides firmware and software updates to their products indefinitely.
  1. How accurate are the speed camera alerts in the Uniden R1 and R3?
  • The Uniden R1 and R3 provide very accurate speed camera alerts, thanks to the Point of Interest (POI) updates in the firmware.
  1. What is the advantage of subscribing to the Vortex Radar Channel?
  • Subscribing to the Vortex Radar Channel allows you to stay up-to-date on the latest firmware updates, gain access to objective product reviews, and receive valuable insights into radar detector technology.

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