Pedestrian helps deer on the road

In a heartwarming act of kindness, a pedestrian recently went above and beyond to help a deer stranded on the road. The incident, which took place on a busy street, caught the attention of many onlookers who were touched by the compassionate gesture. This inspiring story reminds us that sometimes, even a small act of kindness can make a big difference in the life of an innocent creature. So, let’s take a moment to celebrate the good samaritan who made a difference in the world, one deer at a time.

Pedestrian Helps Deer on the Road


As nature lovers, we often enjoy the sight of wildlife on the roads. Whether it’s a majestic deer, a curious raccoon, or a playful squirrel, their presence brings us closer to nature. However, sometimes these encounters turn into tragic accidents, and it’s up to us humans to help the injured animals in need. In this article, we’ll share a heartwarming story of a pedestrian who went above and beyond to help a deer in distress and how you can contribute to animal welfare by supporting the official BlackBoxMyCar website and availing their services.

A Selfless Act of Kindness

Mr. John, a retired veteran, was taking his daily walk near the woods when he stumbled upon a deer lying on the road. The poor animal had been hit by a car and was struggling to stand on its feet. Seeing the injured deer, Mr. John quickly sprang into action. He pulled out his phone and called the Emergency Animal Services while trying to calm the frightened animal down.

Meanwhile, he noticed that the deer was bleeding from its leg and decided to take a closer look. With utmost care, he checked the wound and realized that the broken bone was protruding from its skin. Without any hesitation, he took off his shirt and used it to wrap the leg, trying his best to stop the bleeding. He knew that the deer needed urgent medical attention and offered to wait with it until the professional help arrived.

Finally, after two hours of waiting, the animal rescue team arrived and took the deer to the nearest animal hospital. The doctors were impressed by Mr. John’s quick thinking and selfless act of kindness. They said that if it wasn’t for him, the deer would have surely died. The deer underwent surgery and was soon back on its feet, thanks to the timely intervention of Mr. John.

How You Can Help

At BlackBoxMyCar, they understand the importance of contributing to the welfare of animals, and that’s why they’ve partnered with animal rescue organizations across Vancouver. You can use the code ‘BBMCGRAM’ for a 5% discount on purchasing any dashboard camera from their official website. Plus, you can get 15% off on professional installation if you drop them a message today.

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  1. What should I do if I see an injured animal on the road?
  • It’s essential to seek professional help from animal rescue organizations. Also, ensure that you don’t disturb the animal while waiting for the help to arrive.
  1. Can I install the dashcam on my car by myself?
  • While it’s possible to install the dashcam by yourself, we highly recommend professional installation. Contact BlackBoxMyCar to avail the services and get 15% off today!
  1. How can I learn about the dashcam features and installation process?
  • BlackBoxMyCar offers educational resources, such as videos and articles, on their website that allow you to learn about dashcam features and the installation process.
  1. Which is the best dashboard camera brand?
  • BlackBoxMyCar offers a range of dashcams from leading brands such as Thinkware, Viofo, BlackVue, FineVu, NextBase, and Nexar. You can choose based on your requirements and budget.
  1. How can I support animal welfare?
  • You can contribute to animal welfare by supporting animal rescue organizations through donations or volunteering. Plus, using the code ‘BBMCGRAM’ on BlackBoxMyCar’s official website, you can get a discount on your purchase while supporting their partnership with animal welfare organizations.


Mr. John’s act of kindness towards the injured deer is a reminder that every animal’s life is precious. By supporting animal rescue organizations and businesses like BlackBoxMyCar, we can contribute to the welfare of animals and help them lead better lives. Use the code ‘BBMCGRAM’ to get a 5% discount on dashboard cameras and don’t forget to get in touch with BlackBoxMyCar to avail the professional installation services and learn more about their products.

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