Ring Car Cam Review: Installation, Features, & Testing

Looking for a reliable and high-quality car camera that can record all the activity on the road? Look no further than the Ring Car Cam, the latest offering from a trusted name in home security. In this review, we dive into the installation process, detail the features that make the Ring Car Cam stand out from the crowd, and conduct a thorough testing to see just how well it performs in real-world scenarios. If you’re considering investing in a car camera for added safety and security, the Ring Car Cam is definitely worth your consideration.

Ring Car Cam Review: Installation, Features, & Testing

If you’re in the market for a car camera, or dashcam, the Ring Car Camera is a smart, affordable option that delivers on quality and functionality. In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the installation process, features, video quality, cloud functionality, privacy concerns, and end with a summary of the review.


The Ring Car Cam is the latest car camera offering from the home security company owned by Amazon. With features like two cameras, collision detection, and real-time alerts, the Ring Car Cam is designed to capture crucial details of accidents, break-ins, and any other events taking place in your car.

But what does this car camera really offer? Is it worth purchasing, and how user-friendly is it? Let’s dive in and find out.

The Installation Process

The Ring Car Cam comes with a Quick Start Guide that will give you all the help you need to get it installed and running. It’s an easy and straightforward process, taking less than 30 minutes to set up.

The camera comes with a charging cable and an OBD II adapter. The adapter is a crucial part of the installation process. It’s designed to give you easy access to the car’s power, which is necessary for capturing video for long periods.

Once you insert the adapter, plug the camera into a power source, and mount it onto the windshield glass with a provided sticker. You’re ready to hit the road and start capturing video!


The Ring Car Cam comes with two cameras, one pointing out the front window, and the other facing the car’s cabin. This provides extra security and monitoring capabilities that other dash cams don’t offer. Ring Car Cam also has a built-in GPS system that captures your driving speed and other trip details.

The camera’s Collision Detection feature is particularly impressively. Should the car experience a collision, the camera will intervene with an alarm and emergency services, alerting them to the impact’s location. Additionally, the car camera can react to other alerts, such as a person tampering with your car or a sudden movement outside of it.

Video Quality

The Ring Car Cam performs excellently when it comes to video quality. The camera captures full wide-angle HD video at 1080p, and the night vision is top-notch. It can capture even low light conditions with ease.

Cloud Functionality and Pricing

The Ring Car Cam features cloud functionality capabilities that allow you to store and access all the video footage stored in the cloud. You’ll need to sign up for a subscription service to access cloud storage, which starts at $3 per month.

But before accessing cloud storage, you’ll need to check whether your car’s OBD II port supports it. Additionally, you need to download the Ring app, which allows you to view and access video content in the cloud.

Privacy Concerns and End-to-end Encryption

While the Ring Car Cam offers incredible video quality and great features, just like any other dash cam, it raises privacy concerns. It captures everything that happens inside and outside the car, including you and your passengers’ activities.

Suppose you’re worried about the privacy implications of these recordings. In that case, it’s worth noting that the Ring Car Camera offers end-to-end encryption features. All video content stored in the cloud is heavily encrypted, ensuring the data’s absolute security and privacy.

Summary of the Review

Overall, the Ring Car Cam is an excellent car camera for anyone looking for affordability, functionality, and quality. The installation process is easy, and the features are great—particularly the two cameras, GPS, and vehicle collision detection.

The video quality is impressive, and the cloud functionality is straightforward to use, provided your car supports it. Lastly, the end-to-end encryption feature ensures your privacy and secures your data.

In conclusion, if you’re in the market for a car camera, the Ring Car Cam is a great choice.

FAQs after The Conclusion

  1. How long does the camera record when plugged in?
    The camera records non-stop and overwrites unnecessary footage when the memory is filled up. It only saves the necessary footage when it’s triggered by an alert or collision.

  2. How much does cloud storage cost?
    The cloud storage subscription service for storing and accessing video footage on the cloud storage starts at $3 per month. This pricing may vary depending on your location.

  3. Does the Ring Car Cam come with an SD card?
    The Ring Car cam doesn’t come with an SD card. However, the device has a 16GB built-in memory to store all available video files.

  4. Can the Ring Car Cam detect and report theft?
    Yes, the Ring Car Cam has tampering, towing, and break-in detection features, which alert users of suspicious behavior on their vehicles.

  5. Can I link the Ring Car Cam to my phone using the Ring app?
    Yes, the Ring Car Cam is compatible with the Ring app, which allows drivers to control the camera and access all recorded events on video.

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