Top 3 Premium Dash Cameras for 2017

Here’s our recommendation on premium $200+ dash cameras for 2017. Learn which cameras get you both reliability and performance when you spend the extra money.

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⚡️⚡️ UPDATE – JAN 1, 2019 ⚡️⚡️
We have new recommendations for premium cameras. As of 2019 we think dual channel cameras are the best premium upgrade for most drivers. See our latest recommendations here:

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Why a rotating camera is useful. Some videos:
• Hit & Run. Films the other driver face.
• Road Rage then a fight starts:
• Road Rage, other driver gets pulled over by police
• Uber driver attacked.

SD Card Recommendations:

Parking cameras and hardwiring guide:

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I’ve purchased all dash cams and accessories since 2017. No paid reviews here. When you buy using links below, I may earn an affiliate commission. Car Cam Central is viewer supported.

👉 #1 Vicovation OPIA2 – $250
#1 Pick. Best overall video quality. Rotates 360° for better coverage with a very high-temperature rating at 75°C/167°F. Good choice for truck drivers Our full review:

Get It – USA / CAN
BlackBoxMyCar is our recommended retailer for the OPIA2. See the F770 section for our reason. You can also buy it directly from their website.

Use CODE carcamcentral30 for $30 OFF your purchases over $300.

Amazon USA:

See Vicovation’s list of authorized dealers here:

👉 #2 Street Guardian SG9665GC – $200
The camera to pick if you want something stealthier that has been proven to work in very hot environments. While the OPIA2 has gone through a summery without problems it doesn’t have the two years of solid performance the SG9665GC has.

BlackBoxMyCar is our recommended retailer for the OPIA2. You can also buy it directly from their website. Use coupon code “CarCamCentral10” to get $10 off the price.

Get It
Amazon USA:
Amazon CAN:
Amazon UK:

👉#3 Thinkware F770 – $400
Our choice for two channel parked recording. It’s energy efficient with best of class video quality. Full review:

SD Cards: Thinkware is VERY picky as to what SD cards work. Transcend // High Endurance cards do NOT work with the F770. We suggest buying Thinkware’s brand or the Transcend 400X cards if you want to save money.

Our recommended retailer for the F770 because they have extensive experience in hardwiring luxury vehicles. For example, some BMWs will spit out an error message if you tap the wrong circuit. I’m happy to admit where I’m not an expert, go ask them for hardwiring advice. Check out their Instagram to see some of the vehicles they’ve worked on:

As disclosure, we got the Blackvue DR650GW and the Thinkware F770 rear camera for free from them. Our recommendation is from watching their actions with customer service and dedication to the dash camera market over the years, not from the samples.

Use coupon code “CarCamCentral20” to get $20 off an order of $399 or more.

BlackBoxMyCar USA:
BlackBoxMyCar CAN:
Amazon USA:
Amazon CAN:

International: See Thinkware’s list of authorized dealers here:

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The constant rewriting done by dash cameras wears down SD cards. Some cards are more durable than others. We tell you why and what we recommend you get.

Full video:

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Street Guardian SG9665GC was borrowed. The OPIA2 was received from the manufacturer. The front Thinkware F770 camera was shipped by a marketing company in San Francisco called Liberty marketing. The rear camera was provided by BlackBoxMyCar.

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