Uniden R3 SE: New Features & Custom Firmware

Introducing the Uniden R3 SE, the latest radar detector to hit the market with a range of new features and optional custom firmware. As one of the most advanced radar detectors available, the Uniden R3 SE provides exceptional detection and filtering capabilities to help drivers stay aware of potential speed traps and police radar. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the exciting new features of the Uniden R3 SE and explore how the custom firmware can enhance its performance even further. So buckle up and let’s get into the details!


The Uniden R3 is a highly popular radar detector that has been known for its exceptional performance in detecting radar signals. However, Uniden has recently announced a new firmware for their popular model, the R3 SE, that adds new features and functionality to the already impressive radar detector. These new features include Auto Sensitivity, Adv-Hway Mode, and Auto City Mode, making the R3 SE even more sophisticated and smarter than ever before. In this article, we will be exploring these new features of the Uniden R3 SE and the advantages it has over the previous R3 model. We will also discuss the recommended settings and purchasing the firmware, and finally, we will dive into a comparison of the R3 SE versus the R4.

New Features in Uniden R3 SE:

Auto Sensitivity:

The new firmware for the Uniden R3 SE adds the Auto Sensitivity feature, which automatically adjusts the detector’s sensitivity based on the radar signal strength. In other words, the Uniden R3 SE can now detect weak signals with greater accuracy and ignore false alarms in areas with strong signals. This feature is particularly useful in areas with multiple false alarms, such as urban areas with a lot of automatic doors or in-car infotainment systems.

Adv-Hway Mode:

The Advanced Highway Mode is another new feature that has been added to the Uniden R3 SE firmware. It enables the radar detector to detect radar signals at higher speeds, up to 80 mph, with increased accuracy. This makes the R3 SE more efficient on highways and makes it easier for drivers to detect radar signals coming from a distance.

Auto City Mode:

With Auto City Mode, the Uniden R3 SE can reduce the number of false alarms when driving at low speeds in heavily populated urban areas. It uses multiple radar sensors to detect and filter out false alarms, such as those triggered by automatic door openers. The result is a better driving experience, with fewer interruptions from false alarms that can cause significant stress and anxiety.

R3 SE USA/Canada Features:

The new firmware for the Uniden R3 SE also includes features that were previously only available on the USA/Canada model. These features include the K Block Filter, which reduces the number of false alerts caused by vehicles with blind spot monitoring systems, and KA POP Mode, which detects instant-on radar signals quickly.

Recommended R3 SE Settings:

To get the most out of the Uniden R3 SE, it is essential to configure the detector with the recommended settings. A video provided by Vortex Radar, LLC offers comprehensive advice on how to configure the R3 SE for the best possible results. Among the settings recommended are enabling Auto Mute, turning off X-band detection, and adjusting the K and KA bands’ sensitivity depending on your location.

How to Purchase the Firmware:

The new firmware is available for purchase, and it’s easy to upgrade your Uniden R3 to the new R3 SE. Simply download the firmware from the Uniden website and follow the instructions provided. Make sure to back up any saved settings before completing the upgrade process.

R3 SE vs. R4:

While both models are exceptional radar detectors, the R3 SE offers some unique advantages over the R4 model. The R3 SE has Auto Sensitivity, Auto City Mode, and Adv-Hway modes, which are not available on the R4, making it a better investment. Additionally, the R3 SE has the same hardware as the R4, making it a more affordable option for those looking for a sophisticated radar detector.

The Best Radar Detectors, Laser Jammers, and Dash Cameras:

In the video by Vortex Radar, LLC, they also recommend some of the best radar detectors, laser jammers, and dash cameras currently available in the market. Among the recommended detectors are the Uniden R3, Escort Redline 360c, and the Radenso Pro M. The recommended dash cameras include the BlackVue DR900S, Thinkware Q800 Pro, and VIOFO A129 Pro Duo.


With the new firmware for the Uniden R3 SE, Uniden has made an already exceptional radar detector even better. The auto sensitivity, auto city mode, and Adv-Hway mode features make driving smoother and stress-free with fewer interruptions. The added USA/Canada features and the recommended settings provided in the video by Vortex Radar, LLC, make the R3 SE the best option for those looking to invest in a radar detector. Finally, the comparison of the R3 SE versus the R4 and the recommended detectors, jammers, and dash cameras provide a comprehensive guide to getting the best performance out of your Uniden Radar Detector.


  1. Is the firmware upgrade only available for the Uniden R3 SE model?
    Yes, the firmware upgrade is only available for the Uniden R3 SE model.

  2. How much does the firmware upgrade cost?
    The firmware upgrade cost is currently $59.99 on the Uniden website.

  3. Is it necessary to back up settings before upgrading the firmware?
    Yes, it’s essential to back up any saved settings before upgrading the firmware.

  4. What is the range of the Uniden R3 SE when detecting radar signals?
    The Uniden R3 SE can detect radar signals within a range of up to several miles.

  5. Is the firmware upgrade easy to install, or do I need technical expertise?
    The firmware upgrade is easy to install, and no technical expertise is required. Just follow the instructions provided on the Uniden website.

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