Updates Coming for the Escort Max 360c Mk II, Redline 360c, & MaxCam 360c

Exciting news for Escort users! The Escort Max 360c Mk II, Redline 360c, and MaxCam 360c are all getting updates. These devices are already well-known for their top-notch performance, but the updates are set to make them even more reliable and user-friendly. Keep reading to find out what enhancements you can expect from these top-rated devices.


Radar detectors have come a long way since their inception. Today, they have advanced features like WiFi connectivity, ramp-up alerts, and more. Escort is one of the leading names in radar detectors, and the recent video from Vortex Radar sheds light on the latest updates for Escort’s detectors. In this article, we will discuss the latest updates for Escort Max 360c Mk II, Redline 360c, and MaxCam 360c.

Features and Improvements:

Escort Max 360c Mk II:

The Escort Max 360c Mk II has several new updates that improve its performance. The radar detector now offers better filtering of false alerts, which means you won’t be bothered by unnecessary warnings. Another new feature is the quick-sequence ramp-up, which alerts drivers of radar signals with a series of quick beeps that increase in volume until a steady tone is reached. The Escort Max 360c Mk II also has WiFi connectivity, which allows you to update the firmware wirelessly.

Redline 360c:

The Redline 360c has also undergone significant improvements. The device now comes with an OLED display, which makes it easier to read in bright sunlight. Additionally, the Redline 360c has a stronger and more reliable connection to the Escort Live app, which provides real-time ticket protection updates. Like the Escort Max 360c Mk II, the Redline 360c also has WiFi connectivity for firmware updates.

MaxCam 360c:

The MaxCam 360c is a unique device that combines a radar detector and a dashcam. With the latest updates, the MaxCam 360c now has better video quality and improved stability. The device also offers a ramp-up sequence to alert drivers to radar signals in a more user-friendly way. The MaxCam 360c also has WiFi connectivity for firmware updates.

Other Changes:

Apart from the above features and improvements, the video also talks about other changes to Escort’s detectors. Joe Sherbondy from Cedar Electronics mentions that the new detectors have better circuitry, making them more accurate in detecting radar signals. Additionally, Escort is now using new GPS chips that make the detectors more efficient and faster. These minor changes may not be visible to the user, but they have a significant impact on the device’s performance.

Vortex Radar:

The video featured in this article is from Vortex Radar, a subscription service for radar detector enthusiasts. The content on Vortex Radar is unbiased and focused on helping people make informed decisions about radar detectors. The video in discussion also includes affiliate links that viewers can use to purchase equipment used by Vortex Radar. However, it’s worth noting that the copyright for Vortex Radar’s content is owned by Vortex Radar, LLC.


Radar detectors have advanced significantly in recent years, and Escort is one of the leading brands in this sector. With the latest updates to the Escort Max 360c Mk II, Redline 360c, and MaxCam 360c, drivers can enjoy even better performance, reliability, and ease of use. Whether you’re a casual driver or a radar detector enthusiast, these devices are a great choice to protect yourself from speed traps and tickets.


  1. Are the updates for Escort’s detectors available now?
    A: Yes, the updates are now available, and you can update your device wirelessly if it has WiFi connectivity.

  2. Will the updates improve the detectors’ accuracy?
    A: Yes, the updates include better circuitry and new GPS chips, making the detectors more accurate and efficient.

  3. Do I need to subscribe to Vortex Radar to buy the equipment they recommend?
    A: No, you can purchase the equipment from any online retailer. The affiliate links are provided for your convenience.

  4. Can I use the detectors in all states in the US?
    A: Radar detectors are legal in most states, but not all. You should check the laws in your state before using one.

  5. Are the updates for the MaxCam 360c exclusive to the device?
    A: No, the updates are available for all Escort Max detectors that have WiFi connectivity.

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