Viofo A119 V2 Update | Comparison vs A119 Pro & A119S

We revisit the Viofo A119 and compare it against the A119S, the newly released A119 Pro and other cameras on the market. After two years, the original A119 with V2 hardware remains our pick for budget dash cams. It’s $80, still has great video quality and is reliable after its accessories were upgraded.

UPDATE: Sept 10, 2019
We tested the new A119V3 and it’s a nice upgrade to the older A119, A119Pro and A119S. The A119V2 is still a good value if you want to save some money. See our new review here: The Pro has also been discontinued but if it’s on sale for less than $70USD, it’s a good buy.

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Original A119 Video:

Our “Best Dash Cam” article lists all our recommended cameras:

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Amazon – A119 PRO

A119 Original – Best Version
Amazon USA:

BlackBoxMyCar USA: (Great customer service)

Circular Polarizer:
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Amazon CAN:
Amazon UK:

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Getting the right card will significantly improve reliability. Our best choices below are designed for dash cam use and have a warranty and improved error correction. See our youtube review for more information:

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