Viofo G1W-S Dash Cam Review – No Longer Recommended

The Viofo G1W-S has a fatal flaw and we can no longer recommend this camera. The G1W-S lacks a small time-keeping battery (RTC) and once the time/date resets it can no longer record over videos and the camera stops working. Viofo has not addressed this issue with a firmware update.

Our new recommendation is the BlueSkySea B1W which will come out in a video review in the near future. For a list of cameras we do support see our article on the Top Dash Cameras for 2018:

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Not all SD cards have the same durability and with the heat and constant rewriting you want a card that lasts.
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The Viofo G1W-S was purchased at full retail price. We did receive a Viofo A119 for our review last year but since then we have not received any other free samples from Viofo.

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